As universities around the country complete graduation ceremonies, a common theme among commencement speakers tends to be “Change Your World!” Although changing the world is a noble task, it is replete with hyperbole and sensationalism. While I can appreciate the motivation behind this passionate phrase, especially in the realm of Christocentric Leadership, I would recommend something less lofty but more tangible such as changing your “sphere.” Every leader, whether in the home, workplace, church, or community has a sphere or circle of influence around them which includes those most likely to listen and consider new or alternative ideas. It is these groups that we have the greatest likelihood of positively impacting and changing.

The sphere changing approach keeps our focus on the micro tasks of reaching those closest to us which has the ability to indirectly reach multitudes. It is important to understand that each of our spheres is connected to other spheres which are connected yet to others. Although Christ had the power to illuminate His gospel message immediately to the entire world, He chose instead to call and reach those within His proximity. Through the faithfulness of just over a dozen men over 2000 years ago, millions have heard the gospel and the world was changed. Additionally, a small group of Reformers in the 16th century worked within their spheres to change the minds of those around them producing a radically different Christian community which thrives to this day. As Christian leaders, let us work in our micro-environments to create a macro impact on the world around us.

-Soli Del Gloria

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