Throughout my studies in leadership theory, I was drawn to a wonderful work by Pastor and Author, Dr. Harry Reeder III titled, The Leadership Dynamic. Dr. Reeder’s text is both pithy and poignant with its goal of both correcting poor (worldly) leadership models and presenting grounded Biblical practices by which to build upon. Here is an excerpt:

“Why do Christians want to learn leadership from the world’s models when we know that ‘worldly wisdom’ inevitably conflicts with the Word of God and brings chaos and despair? Genuine, effective leadership must be learned from God’s word, developed through disciple making, nurtured in God’s church, and then transported into the world. When this happens, we can anticipate a consistent reproduction of multiplication leaders who have been transformed by Biblical leadership. It’s God’s chain reaction. A transformed leader produces more transformed leaders-leaders who have been mentored within the church, then sent out to impact the world. By God’s grace they will become change agents, and the process will continually repeat itself as God intended.”

This multiplication construct was used by Christ when he sent out a small number of personally trained followers to take the gospel to the nations. In the last 2000 years, billions of people have heard the gospel of Christ, and the multiplication continues. Christian leaders, as we have been blessed with leadership opportunities within our given spheres, may we train up others to continue to carry the gospel’s baton to future generations.

PS: Add this book to your collection!

-Soli Deo Gloria


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