After a rousing performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the famous Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini is said to have told the orchestra: “I am nothing. You are nothing. Beethoven is everything.” If Toscanini could say that about a brilliant but dead composer, how much more should Christians say that about the living Savior, who, with respect to our salvation, is the composer, musician, and even the beautiful music itself. -Dr. Joel Beeke

Christian leaders, if we are living according to our calling, we are leading Solus Christus or ‘for Christ alone’. Although Christians should plan, pursue, and pray for God’s will in their vocations, their foremost emphasis should be on glorifying Christ. Some questions for Christian leaders to ask regarding their pursuits include:

Am I living a life which reflects the work of Christ in my life?

Do I seek Christ’s will first in leading others or is it more often an afterthought?

Am I willing to leave my vocation if it requires me to renounce my love for and calling from Christ?

Do I seek to put others before myself in humility as modeled by Christ?

Do others see Christ in me?

Am I in continual repentance for my sin based on Christ’s atoning work?

Am I ashamed to share Christ with others?

Am I willing to share of the gospel of Christ with those around me regardless of the potential consequences?

Are my actions and words in harmony as they relate to my Christian testimony?

Will I defend truth even if the consequences are severe?

Would I sacrifice all for the cause of Christ?

The sole purpose of Christian leadership is to glorify the Savior in all aspects of life and to live by faith as an example to those watching or willing to listen. Christian leaders, may we lead unashamed for our Savior in an increasingly antithetical world.

-Soli Deo Gloria

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