In the current age of chaos, confusion, and ever-shifting cultural mores, Christian leaders have the daunting responsibility of presenting objective truth to a society basking in the muddy waters of postmodern ambiguity.

Os Guinness in his book The American Hour notes,

“Under postmodern conditions, words lose their authority and become accessory to images. The past is no longer a heritage, but a debris-strewn ruin to be ransacked for a bric-a-brac of beliefs that is as incoherent as it is inconsequential…The grand flirtation with the meaninglessness of modernity goes on, but in a party mood. Religion is no longer transcendent, but a recreational pursuit for the connoisseurs of ‘spirituality.’ Art, homes, lifestyles, ideas, character, self-renewal, and even belief in God all become auxiliary to sales and the ceaseless consumption of styles.”

As Christian leaders leading in this postmodern era, it is incumbent upon us to ensure we do not give in to the redefining of established terminology to appease the culture. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and we need not blur the lines for the sake of relevance. In our conversations, it is best to address this redefining by presenting facts regarding the origin of words and how they are to be applied. As God is unchanging, so is His written Word and trying to continually adapt it for modern consumption only waters it down thus losing its original intent. Consequently, we should be Bereans in our studies and willing to teach, correct, and exhort even in this antithetical epoch.

-Soli Deo Gloria

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